Health Services

Mary Ellen Reed

Mary Ellen Reed

District Nurse Leader, BSN, MBA, RN, NCSN
Central Office
(508) 255-8800, Ext 7031 Phone
(508) 240-2351 Fax

Nauset Public Schools Health Care services Grades Pre-K through 12, promoting health and wellness in the educational setting.

Health Care Services in the Nauset Public Schools are provided by registered nurses.  The School Nurse supervises health office activities and assures compliance with regulatory standards set by the Massachusetts Departments of Public Health and Education.  A school physician serves as an advisor to the School Nurses.

Role Of The School Nurse

School nurses support the health and well-being of students who are well and those with acute or chronic health problems. We strive to keep the school population and larger community healthy through screenings, health education, and the promotion of healthy school environments. School nurses collaborate with families, school staff, health care providers, and community agencies. We act as case managers, clinicians, advocates, educators, health counselors, consultants, interprofessional team members, and sentinels for student health. School nursing is a specialized practice of professional nursing that advances students' well-being, academic success, and lifelong achievement.

NPS School Nurses Contact Information

District Nurse Leader

Nauset Public Schools
Central Office 

Mary Ellen Reed, BSN, MBA, RN, NCSN

Phone: 508-255-8800 (ext. 7031)
Fax: 508-240-2351

Nauset Regional High School

Meagan Santos, CPNP-PC, RN
Dian Birch, RN
Allison Kelley, MSN, RN
Phone: 508 255-1505 (ext. 5270 and 5306)
Fax: 508-240-5418

Nauset Regional Middle School

Bonnie Hartung, RN,  NCSN
Dian Birch, RN
Allison Kelley, MSN, RN
Phone: 508-255-0016 (ext. 6021)
Fax: 508-240-5430

Eastham Elementary School

Karen LaBranche, CPN, BSN, RN
Phone: 508-255-0808 (ext. 2113)
Fax: 508-240-5403

Eddy Elementary School

Melissa Miller, M.Ed, BSN, RN
Phone: 508-896-4531 (ext. 2702)
Fax: 508-896-4529

Orleans Elementary School

Jessica White, BSN, RN
Phone: 508-255-0380 (ext. 3005)
Fax: 508-255-7943

Stony Brook Elementary School

Colleen Lawless, RN, NCSN
Phone: 508-896-4545 (ext. 2)
Fax: 508-896-4081

Wellfleet Elementary School

Claudia Cope-Crosen,  M.Ed, BSN, RN
Phone: 508-349-3101 (ext. 104)
Fax: 508-349-1377

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