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Picture Books Read Aloud Videos for Lesson Use

I am at our public library right now and it is deserted. Wisconsin was ordered to close their schools this coming week as more and more cases of Covid-19 pile up. The world is upside down.

As we prepare to switch to online learning, I have been thinking of the power of the read aloud. How having the social connection through shared books can bring us together. How doing a read aloud in this stressful time can calm us. And so as we plan for what we will do, I immediately thought of reading picture books aloud to my students and having them respond to them in a short paragraph through Google Classroom. However, there is one glaring problem; copyright violations, I don’t want to break copyright by reading aloud a book and then sharing it with students. So instead, I compiled as many lists as I could find here featuring the creators reading aloud. Perhaps the list will be helpful to you?

Indianapolis Public Library has a compiled list here with more than 100 titles

Storyline online has a compiled list right here with some great titles

Kate Messner is compiling videos right here featuring authors and illustrators sharing their work and resources

Susan Tan has a great video channel featuring writing prompts and read alouds

Kidlit TV has a great compilation here

Harper Kids Has their read alouds compiled here

Vooks Online are offering a free first year for teachers and have videos compiled here

Brightly Online has a compilation here

Storytime with Bill from Little Brown Books can be found here

Mrs. P’s storytime can be found here

Debbie Ridpath Ohi is posting videos of her books as well here

Unite For Literacy has many stories read aloud in multiple languages compiled here

Free Kid Lit Visits and Authors Read Aloud compiled by A.Keene can be found here

Storytime from Space features astronauts reading aloud

I will keep adding resources here as I find them and as they are shared with me. If you know of any more, please share.

Take care, stay safe, and take care of others. We will get through this.

And by the way, if you can’t feed your family in the coming weeks or months, please reach out to me. I will try to send you a giftcard for groceries if I can.

If you are wondering where I will be in the coming year or would like to have me speak, please see this page. 

19 thoughts on “Picture Books Read Aloud Videos for Lesson Use”

  1. Is it seriously a copyright violation to read a book aloud to our students via electronic means? These resources are helpful, but videos of strangers won’t be as comforting as the kids seeing their own teachers doing something normal and connecting in that small way.

    1. I think videoing it and saving it would be, but doing it live via Zoom or Skype would not be. As far as my understanding goes.

  2. Great resource list, Pernille…I always know I can turn to your blogsite for all that is good and wonderful.
    Because YOU are good and wonderful. And exceedingly kind and generous.

  3. Thank you! Trying to do the same for my 4th grade humanities class. Wonderful resources. Perfect timing.

    Shannon Nadalini

  4. Our libraries are closing here too in Australia, as of tomorrow.
    It’s a sad sad day when the libraries close.
    hang in there everyone

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