Sophomore Weekly Class News - September 9, 2020

Posted by Sophia Easley and Rhianna Jones on 9/9/2020

Hi Everybody,

 We are almost ready to start the new school year as Sophomores.

 Even though it will be doing remote learning we are very excited to see everyone again. We know it's been hard for everyone during these past months in Corona. We don’t know at lot about what will happen this year, but we hope to make this as easy as possible by reporting the progress weekly. This platform is meant to be a source of information for all 2023 students. 

       As you know, the ventilation in our school will not allow us to return in person yet; however, the administration is working very hard to get us back in school again. No one really knows when exactly we will be allowed to go back to school normally but we will let you know when they have a precise timeline for us. 

We are working on some remote events for our class. Please reachout to one of us if you have any ideas of fun things we could do during online learning. These ideas might include spirit week contests   

    The class is also looking for a new treasurer this year. The election will most likely be in the fall, but we are still waiting to get information on that. If you are interested in this opportunity please reach out so that we can keep in touch to get you information.

Sophia Easley and Rhianna Jones 


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