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Superintendent's Excellence Award


Congratulations to Francesca Galazzi the 2018-19 Superintendent's Excellence Award recipient!


The Massachussetts Association of School Superintendents designed an award for academic excellence.  This award will be given to high school students who have distinguished themselves n the pursuit of excellence during their high school careers.

Critera:   Three year cumulative average

              Rank in class

              Personal selection by the Superintendent among the top 5%


Francesca Galazzi

Presented by Nauset Superintendent Thomas M. Conrad


Francesca Galazzi is an exceptional student ranked at the top of her class with a 4.64 GPA.  Her intellectual curiosity and self-reliance have served her well throughout her high school career.  Her academic achievements are remarkable with AP Exam scores of 5 in English, Art History, US History and US Government and Politics.  She received the Gold Medal and Summa Cum Laude National Spanish and Latin Exams three year in a row.  Nauset Regional High School Academic Department Awards include English, History, and Spanish for outstanding contribution and achievement to the subject. 

Francesca has a humanitarian spirit that moves her to become involved in community service.  She is a person of compassion and commitment.  While working at the Housing Assistance Corporation over the last few years, she realized the needs of many families and children.  She organized a collection of Christmas gifts for over 80 children.   She also created weekly constructive and supportive playtime for children at a homeless shelter and raised funds to help children at the shelter. 

With her ability to read, write and converse with a high level of proficiency in the Spanish Language, she was an interpreter working with medical doctors in Ecuador.  She also aided a first grade teacher with Spanish speaking students in Bolivia. Francesca is a good listener and makes informed decisions at levels way beyond her peers which enables her to be effective and confident in a variety of settings and cultures. 

Problem-solving skills and creative thinking are a part of her analytical mind.  She has arranged two independent study courses to focus on language, culture and art.   One course is a virtual self-study in preparation to take the AP Spanish Language exam.  She is also completing a virtual self-study in Bolivian and Spanish art as they relate to each country’s cultural development.  Francesca has challenged herself with these diverse meaningful courses after she has taken most of the standard coursework that is available to her.  She is unique, brilliant, interesting, involved and engaged in all her work. 

With humility, deep compassion, and capabilities, Francesca will succeed in all her future endeavors and make a difference in the world around her.  Her pursuits can be limitless as she has prepared herself well.

The Nauset community has been privileged to know Francesca Galazzi and to have been a part of her educational accomplishments.   It is with pleasure and gratitude that we wish this amazing young woman the very best in years to come.