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Middle School Youth Risk Behavior Study

Dear Parent or Guardian

The Middle School is taking part in the Youth Risk Behavior Survey. The survey will ask about the health behaviors of 6th through 8th grade students. The survey will ask about nutrition, physical activity, sexual behaviors, injuries, vaping, tobacco, alcohol, and other drug use. It will also ask about sexual behaviors. Students will be asked to fill out a survey that takes about 30-40 minutes.

Some students might find certain questions to be sensitive. The survey has been designed to protect your child’s privacy. Students will not put their names on the survey. For the survey results to be accurate, it is important that all students, regardless of whether they have engaged in health-risk behaviors, are given an opportunity to participate in the survey, but the survey is voluntary. No action will be taken against the school, you, or your child if your child does not take the survey. Students may skip any questions they do not wish to answer. In addition, students may stop taking the survey at any point without penalty.

Middle School Youth Risk Behavior Survey


This survey will be administered to students on March 22nd.