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    Welcome to the Eastham Elementary School Library Page!


    As the librarian and technology teacher, I get the chance to connect with many families at EES.  The best part of my job, besides reading fun stories, is that I see and get to know every student in the building.  We cover a lot of material each week in a small amount of time.  This site will provide access to books, websites, and other information that we use in the library and computer lab. 

    This year I also have the opportunity to work with your child's classroom teachers to incorporate technology in their daily instruction. It's an exciting time here at EES; we're very lucky to have a lot of new educational tools at our little fingertips!

    I welcome any and all comments, suggestions, or questions you may have about your child's library time, technology time, or this site! Feel free to email me at

    Thank you! Ms. Menza


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