•  Vision Statement of Eastham Elementary School

    The collective commitment of Eastham Elementary School as a professional learning community is to ensure that every child attains academic proficiency and full social and personal potential.

    What is our purpose?

    • To be committed to our school's mission and vision
    • To increase student life-long learning, as well as our own
    • To encourage student success educationally, emotionally, and socially
    • To work together to create a safe, enjoyable, and productive environment

    How are we behaving?

    • Professionally, positively and collaboratively with productive communication as norms
    • Supportive, and focused, concerned and involved with goals in mind

    How do we treat each other?

    • Respectfully, professionally and fairly, with trust acceptance and empathy

    How do we treat our students?

    • With high expectations and thoughtful respect for individual differences and learning styles
    • With a goal for independence

    How are we interacting with parents and the community?

    • Positively and collaboratively with open, honest and ongoing communication

    What makes our school a great place to work?

    • Welcoming place for adults and children
    • Code of Conduct supported by all
    • Bright, cheerful, comfortable and clean building
    • Adequate teaching space and storage
    • State-of-the-art- supplies and resources

    Adopted at Staff Meeting, April 25, 2006