School Closing Information

  • The Nauset Public Schools informs radio stations and television stations of school closings.

    You should look and listen for Nauset Public Schools and Union 54 not the name of your individual school.

    When schools are closed, all school activities are cancelled unless the Superintendent authorizes otherwise. Such authorization will not often be granted. An automated calling message will be sent to all parents and students from the Superintendent about any school closing.

    When schools delay opening, all schools and bus routes will begin two hours later than normal. School will end at the regular time. All other activities will take place as planned. The Preschool morning session will be cancelled and the afternoon session will start and dismiss according to their regular schedule.

    On rare occasions when a storm occurs or worsens while school is in session, it may be necessary to close schools early.  In these cases every attempt will be made to minimize the likelihood that children will return home to locked or empty houses. The Superintendent will utilize the automated calling system to notify you of an early dismissal.


    Television Stations
    WBZ - Channel 4 (Online)
    WCVB - Channel 5 (Online)
    WHDH - Channel 7 (Online)
    WFXT - Fox 25 (Online)

    Radio Stations
    WRKO - 680 AM
    WCOD- 106.1 FM
    WXTK - 95.1 FM
    WBUR - 90.9 FM
    WRZE - 96.3 FM
    WPXC - 102.9 FM
    WCIB - 101.9 FM
    WQRC - 99.9 FM
    WOMR - 92.1 FM
    WGTX - 102 FM
    WOCN - 104 FM
    WKPE - 104.7 FM