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    2. The first portion of the work permit needs to be filled out by your employer.

    3. The second page needs to be signed by your doctor. If you are under 16 you can skip this part.

    4. eMail the completed work permit to Rhonda Sandison (

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    Great Summer Job for College Students, High School Grads, or Teachers! Tell a friend.

    Kelly Services, Inc. is working with a local supermarket chain in the Orleans, MA area.

    We are looking for baggers and grocery clerks paying $17/hr. working 5. Varies shifts available.


    • Place items into paper or plastic bags after checker has scanned
    • Assist in increasing sales by utilizing the five steps of retail selling – Connect with the customer; qualify the customer; present solutions; closing the sale and create a customer for
    • Work quickly enough to keep up with a checker scanning items at the rate of approximately 2 seconds per
    • Place larger items such as dog food, 12-30 pack beverages, etc. are placed directly into a shopping cart instead of in a
    • Place bags into a shopping cart after they are
    • Lift and load 25-40 lbs into shopping carts.
    • Follow verbal instructions from checker, customer, or
    • Interact and communicate with the public in a courteous and professional
    • Push loaded carriages of groceries to customer’s vehicle in various weather
    • Retrieve empty carriages (up to 5 at a time) from parking lot or surrounding neighborhood and return them to the storage
    • Sweep and clean up areas throughout the store or parking lot area as assigned by supervisor.
    • Clean workstation and fill bags when
    • Perform checker duties if
    • Other duties as assigned.


    The Grocery Clerk is responsible for assisting and servicing customers in the Grocery department. He/she must have excellent customer service skills, as they may work one on one with customers in the store. He/she is responsible for following the customer satisfaction behaviors, to include being friendly, responsive, knowledgeable and passionate. He/she stocks and replenishes the Grocery shelves, Health & Beauty Care, Dairy and Frozen Foods cases and other miscellaneous areas. This includes the use of wheeled carts and/or pallet jacks to transport product from the backroom and cooler/freezer areas to the sales floor. He/she is responsible for pricing and rotation of product when necessary. Grocery clerks also unload trailer deliveries. He/she must maintain the Grocery area in a clean/sanitary and visually appealing manner.


    • Excellent customer service
    • Work in a courteous manner in a fast-paced environment.
    • Reading and completing an assignment sheet.
    • Load and unload product.
    • Pull pallets weighing several hundred pounds.
    • Lift and load 5-60 lb cases onto stock carts and push or pull large carts to stocking
    • Manually remove product from cartons and replenish Grocery shelves. The continuous stocking of shelves requires significant repetitive motion as well as reaching above.
    • Must work quickly and carefully while stocking items at a reasonable expectancy.
    • Visually identify product and read display signs including shelf
    • Break down boxes and transport to storage area.
    • Work in a moderate/cool/cold
    • Visually identify and remove poor quality/outdated product.
    • Interact and communicate with others in a courteous and professional manner.
    • Deal with some potentially difficult situations.

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