• The NRMS Greenhouse Learning Lab provides educational and vocational opportunities for students of all ages and serves as a year-round source of locally-grown agricultural and horticultural products for Orleans and surrounding communities.

    To bring to life classroom instruction through authentic experiences in environmental and
    economic sustainability within a year-round greenhouse that will serve as an agricultural and horticultural learning laboratory.

    The greenhouse serves as a learning site during the school day and after school hours. Science classes use the greenhouse as a laboratory to study plant life indigenous to Cape Cod, renewable sources of energy, the properties and needs of plants to sustain growth and the role of engineering in design and management. Health classes explore the use of pesticides on plant products and research benefits associated with organic farming. Math classes analyze the operational costs of a functioning greenhouse and engage in problem-solving to maximize growing space within the greenhouse. Art classes engage in observational drawings and pre-vocational students learn the skills needed to nurture and grow plants. Members of the community, local and regional organizations and parent volunteers have been enlisted to share their interest and expertise in our Greenhouse Project.


    Students plant, cultivate, harvest, weigh and package products for sale to the school cafeterias in the Nauset district, NRMS staff, local restaurants and stores, and members of the Nauset community.

    Support our Greenhouse Learning Lab by purchasing
    student-grown produce and plants at the Orleans Winter Farmer’s Market!

    Orleans Winter Farmer’s Market
    Nauset Regional Middle School - Cafeteria
    December through April
    Saturdays 9 am—12 Noon
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    If you’re a local restaurant owner or chef interested in purchasing our products,
    please call 508-255-0016 ext. 6103 or email: bertrands@nausetschools.org