• Mission – Nauset  Public Schools will develop, maintain, and continuously provide the infrastructure and the professional support necessary to ensure that all students have the opportunity to develop and make use of current technology as both a producer and a consumer.

    Vision - Nauset Public Schools will use technology to enhance and improve student learning, develop critical thinking skills, and foster creativity, providing all learners access to knowledge, information, and resources that connect them to the local and global community. Students and staff will be technologically literate and remain current with tools necessary to effectively communicate, collaborate, research, and access resources.  They will apply their understanding, present ideas, evaluate and analyze information, and share knowledge in a socially responsible and ethical manner.  Educators will utilize technology to collaborate on curriculum, differentiate instruction, analyze assessment data, and provide learning opportunities and interventions to maximize student growth and achievement.  The District will identify and implement the appropriate resources to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our management and operations systems.  

    Barbara Lavoine

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