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  • Welcome to my Title I Reading website!


    It's hard to believe that my Title I Reading website is beginning its sixth year! It remains a work-in-progress for certain.

    My goal is to make this site not just a tool for me to connect with parents but also a learning tool and resource for parents and colleagues about current research and information regarding reading and related skills. Timely information will be added to highlight upcoming events and school-to-home activities and programs. 

    There are many areas that I hope you will find valuable. I would appreciate any suggestions you may have along the way to make this site as helpful and user-friendly as possible.


    Thank you!

    Kathleen Kocaba, M.S.Ed.
    Title I Reading 

    Again this year ~

    Mrs. Kocaba's Teacher Site Treasure Hunt!

    Join your child as s/he searches my teacher site for hidden treasure. Follow the treasure map provided, find icons or photos that appear throughout the site, record where you found them, and return the completed map to me for a reward!

    Successful treasure hunters may choose from a variety of special rewards, including the opportunity to be a guest reader in the classroom of their choice.

    Complete the Treasure Hunt Survey and earn extra credit!

    Hint: Search for the survey in the My Forms section.

    Happy Hunting!



    ~ Family Survey ~

    Your feedback is very important!

    Thank you!





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