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  • Nauset Health Services

    Nauset Public Schools Health Care Services Grades Pre-K Through 12, promoting  health and wellness in the educational setting.

    Health Care Services
    Health Care Services in the Nauset Public Schools are provided by registered nurses. The School Nurse supervises health office activities and assures compliance with regulatory standards set by the Massachusetts Departments of Public Health and Education. A school physician serves as an advisor to the School Nurses.

    Vision and Hearing Screenings
    Screenings are performed annually on students in accordance with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts regulations. Students may be screened at any time during the school year or upon request. If screening results indicate the need for professional follow-up, the parent/guardian is notified

    Growth Screening
    Height and weight are measured in accordance with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts regulations and recorded in the student's health record.

    Postural Screenings
    Screenings are performed annually on students in grades 5-9. If screening results indicate the need for follow-up by a primary care provider, the parent/guardian is notified.

    Illness and First Aid
    Assessment of student illness or injury occurring during school hours is a significant part of school heath services. Care is provided as needed in the health office. Parents/guardians are notified of any significant injuries or signs of illness that may require further observation, intervention or follow-up with the students health care provider. In the event of an emergency, local EMS services may be activated.

    Health Records
    An individual health record is maintained for each student throughout his/her school years. The record contains the student's medical history, physical examinations performed by primary care providers, immunizations, screenings, health office visits and medication administration. Parents are asked to communicate student health concerns, medical reports and issues to the school nurse. Access to this record is restricted to school nurse. The health record is transferred with the academic record when the student moves to another school or district. Parents or the student's legal guardian may have access to this record upon request.

    According to Massachusetts state law, physical examinations are required upon entry to the school system (kindergarten and transferring students) and every three to four years thereafter.

    Sports Physicals
    An annual physical is required for participation in school sponsored athletic activities. Special sports physical forms are available in the health offices as well as in the athletic department. All physicals must be current to participate.