Welcome to the EES Art room website!      

    I feel very lucky to be able to spend my day in the art room with the children of the Eastham community.  We keep ourselves pretty busy in here.  Depending on the day we could be painting, making prints, working with clay, wire or recycled materials or learning about a famous artist who decided it was time to shake things up a bit. When I look around the room, I notice that every student is having their own unique experience with the project and materials.  Some are excited and self-directed, others frustrated and in need of support.  Some are silly, others contemplative.  Some are ready to take risks and try something new, others need encouraging.  What ever the individual need may be, we are all learning and having fun.  Their work is inspiring and their enthusiasm contagious.   Browse around the slide shows and movies and see for yourself. 

    Thanks for visiting.

                                                     Artfully Yours,    Molly Driscoll