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  • Nauset Regional Middle School

    7th Grade Mathematics

    Mr. Sheehan


    Math Literacy Vision:

    The primary focus of the Nauset Math Literacy goal is to support and improve all students' abilities to accurately and effectively demonstrate a deep understanding of mathematics, communicate mathematics reasoning, and apply concepts to real-world situations.  This will ensure our students are equipped with the skills to succeed in the 21st Century.

    As a math teacher my goal is to provide my students with effective mathematics instruction that compliments their strengths and supports them through their challenges.

    I will facilitate learning by providing relevant student centered mathematical experiences that include modeling, use of manipulatives and graphic representations, differentiated instruction and assessment strategies, technology and a focus on literacy. I hope to engage students in and explore mathematical ideas in ways that stimulates curiosity, create enjoyment of mathematics, and develop depth of understanding.

    Contact Information:

    Email: Sheehanw@Nausetschools.org
    Phone: 508-255-0016 ext. 252