NRMS General Art Syllabus

Curriculum: Students learn about art through studying, interpreting, making, and evaluating art. Art concepts from state and national standards will be introduced and/or expanded upon, and when appropriate, paralleled with other subject areas to make further learning connections. Emphasis will be placed on important art education goals, concepts, and themes which give real meaning and personal connections for students to help their brain self-organize.


Grading: Students self evaluate using rubrics, critiques, discussions, and written reflections. Students are graded on the quality of their work, and learning experiences as determined by self and teacher evaluations.


6th Grade Art

Students will explore the basics of art and design in order to gain a greater understanding and an appreciation of art through units of study such as:

Observation Drawing: students draw objects, and people through direct observation.

Papier-mâché Sculptures: students create a sculpture using recycled materials.

Elaborate Patterns: students design a variety of complicated patterns for specific uses.

Students will explore a variety of media and techniques with a focus on the Elements and Principles.


7th Grade General Art

Students will explore and create artwork which demonstrates their knowledge of perspective through the study of:

Atmospheric Perspective: students create a drawing from memory which shows depth.

Linear Perspective: students create drawings using vanishing points to show 3D volume and space.

Surreal Drawing: students create out of context images and make them appear real.


8th Grade General Art

Students will expand their knowledge of art media and techniques on projects relating to self identity such as as:

Abstract Art: students create an abstract composition that shows how they would solve a personal problem or achieve a personal goal.

Self Portraits: students create a series of self portraits in a variety of media that show how they see themselves.

Identity Box/collage: students use collage techniques in a collage which represents who they are.

Visions of Utopia: students create a large mural-size artwork of their vision of utopia in a small group.

Please call, email or stop by with any questions or concerns you may have about your child the art curriculum. 508 255 0016, extension 205. 


What’s been happening in Art during the school year?

The Art Department has had some amazing student artists and opportunities this year that have really made us shine.  Some of the highlights have been:

7th graders have been going to Pleasant Bay through out the year to photograph and sketch the natural beauty of Cape Cod.  They came back to the classroom to create additional artwork inspired by their trip. A presentation of these works in May during Show & Tell Night in the NRMS auditorium. This opportunity was made possible by a grant from The Friends of Pleasant Bay.

Several exemplary student artists had work displayed at the Cape Cod Museum of Fine Arts in Dennis in their annual student exhibit “Through Young Eyes” December through January.

The 6th graders went to the Cotuit Center for the Arts in January to see the “Wild Things” exhibit, create art inspired by the exhibit and engage in a scavenger hunt with in the exhibit.

Arts Day was held again this year.  This annual whole school arts extravaganza involved community artists and performers in the visual, performance and kinesthetic arts. It included many workshops, musical performances and a culminating laser light show.  This years’ event was particularly a hit!


Sixth graders created typographic artwork inspired by Martin Luther King which was included in an exhibit in Wellfleet honoring MLK and his visions.

The Orleans Cultural Council hosted its annual “Youth Art Show” at the Orleans Town Hall.  Approximately 25 student artist from NRMS were spotlighted in it, among artists from the Charter School and NRHS.

Students from the 7th and 8th grade participate in the Provincetown Art Association and Museum’s Anniversary Curatorial Program.

We look forward to continuing to be impressed by our talented, creative students.