As the year progresses the website will become more developed.


      Please use the links in the left hand column to access class information.



      VIDEO LECTURES: (these may be viewed... they may not be downloaded without permission from Kathleen Tringale)

      • SCREENCAST...  video lectures are maintained through "Screencast" which is password protected.  

      Complete lecture notes in pdf format.  (these will be released after the assignment has been completed - they may be viewed, not downloaded)


      GOOGLE CLASSROOM - requires your own log in to google.


      HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENTS: Daily homework will be listed here.


      CALENDAR:  ... which also shows the homework assignments


      DAILY AGENDA: (which may be subject to change)... this will give you the time line for the major concepts we will be working on.


      PROBLEM SOLVING: - this involves the mathematics necessary to be successful in physics


      UNITS OF STUDY: / worksheets associated with the unit / chapter - these can be opened and saved into Notability and completed on your iPad / at times there will be hard copies of these available as well.


      LAB REPORT:  Guideline for writing lab reports


      SCHOOL WIDE ANALYTIC RUBRIC:   Problem Solving:


      RESOURCES: Links to other websites and online tutorials

      • Khan Academy

      • X2

      • Drop Box

      • QUIZLET

      • Significant Figure Practice

      • iPad help


      SAFETY CONTRACT:  All students must have a signed safety contract.


      SUBSTITUTE PLANS:  This link will take you to the Class Agenda for times when I am out of the classroo