Superintendent's Office


    August 27, 2019

    Welcome Back to School!

    Dear Nauset Families,

     I hope that you and your family are enjoying this wonderful summer!  It’s almost time for another school year to begin.  So that you can prepare for the upcoming school year, I have outlined below some important information for you to review:

     School Begins for all Students K-12 on Thursday, September 5, 2019

     School Begins for Preschool Students on Monday, September 9, 2019

     School Start and End Times Have Not Changed

         All Elementary Schools

     7:45 AM Start

    2:00 PM Dismissal

         Middle School

     8:30 AM Start

    2:45 PM Dismissal

         High School

     8:35 AM Start

    2:57 PM Dismissal

    2019-20 Bus Routes Have Been Posted to Our Web Site routes are similar to last year but some may have changed so please review the bus lists.  Your child’s bus stop is the one that is closest to your home. There will be an early AM bus for Middle School students stopping throughout the four towns. We will also run after school shuttle bus service for Middle School and High School students.  More information on these buses will be provided by the Administration at the Middle & High Schools. Please keep in mind that the bus drop offs for late buses are not the same as regular day buses so some students may be walking a greater distance to their home. Individual requests for changes will be reviewed and your patience is appreciated as we work with the bus company to update our routes.  If you have any questions regarding transportation, please contact Lori Newcomb, Administrative Assistant to the Director of Finance and Operations by calling 508-255-8800 ext. 7008 or email Lori at

    District-Wide Initiatives 

    Technology Vision – The District is in the midst of creating a technology vision for the next five years that will be aligned with the District’s Strategic Plan.  The Committee is working toward the development of three goals including: Access, Innovation, and Collaboration.  These goals will be delineated for students, teachers, and school administrators.  The ultimate task is to deepen student learning and to find the balance of technology as a tool to innovate and create while ensuring students have time away from technology to interact with others and to balance their social, emotional, and physical needs. 

    Project-Based Learning – Over 55 staff members attended professional development this summer in the area of Project-Based Learning with an emphasis on deeper student learning and application of knowledge, skills, and concepts to authentic problems.  Trained staff will pilot a variety of units during the 2019-2020 school year while additional staff will participate in ongoing professional development.  We fully believe that student engagement, motivation, and learning will benefit as a result of ongoing Project-Based Learning units and instruction.

    School Calendar and Student Learning Time – The School Calendar Committee made final recommendations to the Joint School Committee in May of 2019.  Recommendations include: (1) Create ongoing professional development opportunities for staff with additional professional development days/time; (2) Add 10-15 minutes to the school day [needs to be negotiated]; (3) Implement Project-Based Learning and extend academic enrichment programs taught by certified staff through flexible staff schedules; (4) Change the staff/teacher start date to the week before Labor Day weekend with a student start date the Tuesday after Labor Day each year [needs to be negotiated]; and, (5) Create an intervention and support time for students within the school day to minimize stress and allow individualized program opportunities.  Finally, the District plans to work with other school districts across the Cape before any changes are made to school vacations (such as a 4-day February weekend in lieu of February vacation) to help with consistency for families and children.  The District is also looking at options regarding a late bus for elementary students who participate in programs after school. 

    History and Social Science Curriculum Framework – Begin implementation of the new standards from the 2018 History and Social Science Curriculum Framework including the newly required civics project for eighth grade students and high school students.  Fortunately, Nauset already had many opportunities for students to complete a civics project and our revamped courses and program in grade 8 through grade 12 will ensure relevant and meaningful civics learning and experiences.  The new HSS framework also incorporates skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening and is interconnected with the English language arts curriculum framework. 

    Parent Square
    Parent Square is our new communication system. You should have received emails asking you to create an account so that you can receive information in the manner in which you choose whether it be a text message or an email or to download an app.  There is also an option to assist with translation.  Phase one in the rolling out process is to contact parents.  In the next phase, we will involve the teachers after they have had some time to review the new program and learn its capabilities.  We believe parents and staff will be very happy with the new system going forward once we have all phases in the process completed.   

    Strategic Plan
    A committee has been formed and has been working for seven months on the Strategic Plan.  I will be coming around to all schools and school committee meetings for feedback on the plan.  Stay tuned for an opportunity to attend the PTO meetings on this developing plan. 

    Nauset High School Building Project
    The Building Committee continues to work on the details of a major renovation of the High School campus.  For further information and updates go to:

    New Administrators
    The District welcomes Julie Kobold, Principal of Nauset Regional Middle School and Stephanie Rae, Assistant Principal of Nauset Regional Middle School. 

    Nauset Food Services

    With the rising cost of food we are trying to keep the price of lunch as low as possible. The cost of lunch is $3.00 and breakfast is $1.50 in all our schools.  Parents are reminded that breakfast is available at all our schools.  We encourage you to have your child purchase a healthy school lunch.   Free and Reduced lunch applications will be sent home the first day of school. If you have questions relative to filling out the form, please contact Janet Daley, Business Office Clerk, at 508-255-8800, ext. 7000.

     Please do not ever hesitate to contact me.  My door is always open.  I look forward to another great year throughout the District! 

    Thomas M. Conrad
    Superintendent of Schools

    Weather Alert

    WEATHER ADVISORY – 2019-2020

    Dear Parents / Guardians,

    I want to update you on my plans for school closings or delayed opening of school in the event of severe weather.  When storms are forecast, I will collect information on road conditions from public works and public safety authorities in each of the four Nauset Towns. Should the conditions be determined to be unsafe for bus or private transportation I will make one of two decisions – close school or delay the opening of school.  Decisions will be made as early as possible but no later than 6:00 a.m.

    When schools are closed, all school activities are cancelled for the day.  When schools have a delayed opening, all schools and bus routes will begin two hours later than normal.  Students should be at their assigned bus stops two hours after their normal arrival time.  School will end at the regular time.  Morning (a.m.) preschool will be cancelled but afternoon (p.m.) preschool will run its normal schedule.

    Only on a very rare occasion when a storm occurs or worsens while school is in session, it may be necessary to close schools early.  In these cases, every attempt will be made to minimize the likelihood that children will return home to locked or empty houses. 

    I will utilize the Parent Square automated phone system which will call your home early in the morning to alert you if schools will be closed or if there will be a delayed opening.  This system will also be used if there is ever a need to close schools early.  Please be sure to notify your school if your phone number has changed. 

    In addition, you will find information on school closings on the major TV and radio stations as well as on our web site:

    Finally, I encourage you to make your own individual decision about sending your child to school during inclement weather.


    Thomas M. Conrad, Superintendent