• Let's Work Together!

    The bilingual and multicultural families in our district bring personal, social, and cultural resources to our community which benefits everyone.

    The Nauset Public School District values the knowledge and experiences all of our families bring to our schools. We believe a strong partnership between the school, family, and community is key for students' success.

    Are you ready to work with us in improving our ELE Program?

    • Come to one of our English Learner Parent Advisory Council (ELPAC) meetings.
    • Ready to do more? Join the ELPAC Committee.
    • Volunteer at one of our schools.
    • Join school committees, school councils, and the parent groups!
  • Translations and Interpreters

    You have the right to request that school paperwork be translated into a language you can understand. You can also request an interpreter for meetings. Below are some examples of times when you can request an interpreter or translations. You can notify your child's teacher, school principal, or ESL teacher.