• How to use TeachPoint

    We have recently added the teacher forms to our TeachPoint program so that any staff who would like to use the digital process to submit goals, self-Assessments, plans and evaluation evidence may do so. This is an alternative option to the paper based evidence binder and is strictly voluntary.

    To login to the program go to https://tp1.goteachpoint.com/faces/public/login.xhtml and enter the district name, your username and password. If you do not know your login credentials please email lavoineb@nausetschools.org and they will be setup.

    Once logged in you will be on the Home page and will see your user name, icons on the left side, icons along the top of the screen and a records box for forms initiated by you.

    We have created seven forms to assist in the evaluation process. These forms closely resemble the DESE forms identified in the evaluation process. The DESE forms can be found at http://www.doe.mass.edu/edeval/resources/evalforms/. They use the Microsoft word format and the document can be downloaded to your computer for easy data entry.

    If you prefer to use the Nauset Public Schools forms they are located on our web site at http://nausetschools.org/staff.cfm?subpage=943840.

    Because of limitations with TeachPoint’s form creator tool our forms do not match the DESE or Nauset format in the exact presentation seen when downloaded. TeachPoint forms do not allow graphics to be included within the form itself. We have included three additional forms. These links are helpful links, which provide resources and web links, the Educator Response Form and the Optional Teacher Evidence Journal. This last form provides an opportunity for you to record all teaching activity related to your evaluation – it is optional, but we thought it may be helpful in identifying your educator evidence.

    To begin working on a form click the New button from the top set of icons. Choose the form you would like to begin working on.

    The forms have text box areas just below questions that require your information. You would enter text by clicking in that field box related to the question asked in the form. The forms are very easy to use.

    Along the top of each form are additional options. Most are self-explanatory, but you can export forms, delete forms and of course save forms.

    NOTE: TeachPoint automatically locks you out when there is inactivity for 30-60 minutes. If you have not saved your form and become distracted your data may be lost.

    The paper clip icon within each text box allows you to attach files to your form. To add a file, image or other document click on the paper clip icon to display the upload options. Notice that you can name your document and provide a description for better referencing.

    Click on the Choose Files box and locate the file you want to add to your from. Select it and click the open button.

    Remember to click Save in the bottom right corner of the attachment box.

    Once you do that the name of the files will be listed under that text box as a blue hyperlink.

    You can add additional files or Save/Save & Close the form.

    To remove an attachment, click on the blue hyperlink within the form to display the file or picture. When you do that a set of icons appear along the top of the file. The x with the circle around it is the delete button.

    One final note about your form. You can opt to share it with your evaluator by simply turning the Share button from Off to On. Once you do share the form an email will automatically be generated and sent to your evaluator. Only the author of the form can comment or edit the shared form.

    When you return to your home screen you will have an S icon next to that document identifying it as being shared.

    Note – to stop sharing a form you would have to open the form and select copy from the tools listed along the top right of the form. Copying would delete the shared form, and make a copy of the form before it was shared. The contents of what was written in the form would be copied too. Only the author of the form can do this. The author could then make adjustments and then share the form again.

    Final notes. There are other options available to you on the home page. You can upload a file directly to the home page list, change years, search and email. The choice is up to you.