• Access to Graduation

    In 2001, the Nauset Regional School District initiated a program entitled ACCESS, designed to meet the needs of students who might otherwise
    not complete high school There are wide and varied reasons why students may decide not to complete the traditional high school program.
    These include available courses, scheduling, family situations, drug/alcohol issues, and just not “fitting in”. Many leave because of feelings of failure,
    rejection, anxiety and isolation. Regardless of the reasons, students who do not have options for alternative ways to graduate drop out which
    often results in ongoing social and economic disadvantages. Therefore, the goal of Access is to offer an alternative pathway, primarily for 11th 
    and 12th graders, that provides the academic course requirements for graduation, options for credit recovery, as well as accommodations and
    support for social and emotional issues. All Nauset graduates must pass four (4) English, Math, and Science courses, 
    three (3) History courses
    including United States History and earn at least 26 credits. 

    An integral part of the program is the work component.  Students are required to work, volunteer or intern with an approved business or
    organization throughout the 
    school year. Students receive academic credit for their work experience. The intention of work experience
    is to provide experiences to meet the requirements for success 
    in the world outside of the school.  Being on time, completing assigned tasks,
    listening and following directions as well as earnings based on meeting the requirements 
    of the job, have an enormous cross over effect on
    academic success.

    The academic portion of the program provides standard teacher-directed classes that are small and adapted to the specific instructional needs
    of the student, special 
    intensive classes for students who must retake an MCAS test, and one-on-one tutoring as needed. Online supervised courses
    are offered for both core requirements and 
    electives. In special circumstances, students may be able enroll in day school classes as well as Access 
    classes when it is appropriate and can be arranged.  

    Admission to the program is based first on a referral from a counselor, Assistant Principal, a parent, or in some cases students themselves.
    Upon referral, the student, 
    parent(s) or guardian, guidance counselor and Director will meet to decide on participation in the Access Program.

    In conclusion, students who enroll in Access are considered to be part of the Nauset student population.  They will maintain their association
    with their day school guidance 
    counselor, and are entitled to attend all events and activities at the school, including participation in the
    graduation ceremony.  Students are bound by the Student Code 
    of Conduct and other rules as printed in the student handbook.  The Director
    and staff of the program are committed to every student in the program receiving a high 

    school diploma and opening a path to personal success beyond high school.