• Diploma Requirements

    Grade Promotion and Graduation

    Seven (7) credits must be taken each year.  
    To graduate, the following subjects must be included in the student’s 
    four-year program:

         Four (4) credits in English
         Four (4) credits in Math
         Four (4) credits in Science
         Three (3) credits in Social Studies including one (1) U.S. History
         Four (4) courses in Physical Education / Health including PE01 and PE02 

    Graduation requirement is 26 credits.


    Students in Grade 9 must earn 6 credits, including English 9 in order to be promoted to Grade 10.

    Students in Grade 10 must have earned 12 credits including English 9 & 10 in order to be promoted to Grade 11.

    In order to be promoted to senior status in the 4th year, students must complete the following requirements:

         19 credits including English 9, 10, 11 in addition to sufficient academic course work that insures                 graduation requirements as listed above. 

    Grade point averages and class rank are calculated at the conclusion of the junior year.
    Summer School:

    Summer school options will be offered to students that fail a course or are credit deficient.

Last Modified on April 1, 2020