Our Favorite Gifts

  • Here is a list of some of our favorite things to use during OT and PT sessions.

    They make great gifts too!




    Hullabaloo Game - This supports a child's ability to follow verbal directions and develop gross motor skills.


    Hippy Hop Balls, Hopper Balls, Hop Ball


    Hippity Hops - Help increase your child's leg and core strength




    Mini Trampolines - Increase leg strength, endurance, and support self regulation for children who are on the move.




    Strider Bike - Help your child learn to ride a bike!  This is the first step in teaching a child to balance on 2 wheels.



    Sticker Mosaics (by the Orb Factory) - Support fine motor and visual perceptual skills in addition to supporting the development of organizational skills.



    Razor Scooters - Promote balance and strength before learning to ride a 2-wheeled bike

    Twister - Helps with gross motor development and motor coordination.


    Jenga - Supports the development of fine motor precision


    Suspend - Help your child develop fine motor skills in addition to organizational and planning skills.



    Puzzles - Encourage in hand manipulation and the development of visual perceptual skills.


    Building Kits - Work on organization, fine motor, and visual perceptual skills while creating something your child can keep...or give as a gift.