Fun Activities for Home


    Hands on activities are often the best way for children to learn.  When at home, incorporate fun games and art activities to help promote fine motor skill development.  Here are some of our favorites...


    Scratch Art      


    Metal Embossing   

    Sticker Mosaics  

    Sun Catchers using squeeze tubes or eye droppers  

    Clay and Play Dough 

    Finger can always add shaving cream for extra texture 


    Needle Point (i.e. lacing cards, plastic needle point, children's needle point)  


    Paper airplanes  

    Making Jewelry   


    Cooking and Baking (i.e. mixing with spoon, using a cookie/ice cream scoop, cookie cutters)


    Nuts and Bolts    

    Cutting materials such as card stock, construction paper, straws, and craft foam