Occupational and Physical Therapy

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    Occupational therapists work with individuals across the lifespan to facilitate success and independence.  In the school setting, we support children in daily activities to include self care, fine motor, visual motor, visual processing, organization and sensory processing.  Please see following link for a more in depth description of our role with your student:  click here


    Physical Therapists are health care professionals primarily concerned with the remediation of impairments and disabilities and the promotion of mobility, functional ability, quality of life and movement potential..  

    School based physical therapists focus on removing barriers from students' ability to learn, helping students develop skills which increase their independence in the school environment, and educating school personnel about the different considerations required for students with disabilities.  

    3 Occupational Therapists and 1 Physical Therapist are on the Nauset Staff.  Here is where we serve your children:

    Julie Edwards (Physical Therapist): Julie services all students requiring Physical Therapy services throughout all programs within the Nauset Regional School District.

    Daria Rice (Occupational Therapist): Nauset Regional Middle School, Nauset Regional High School, Orleans Elementary School.


    Michelle Regan (Occupational Therapist): Nauset Integrated Preschool (Wellfleet and Eastham), Wellfleet Elementary School, Eastham Elementary School, Orleans Elementary School.


    Carey Raimo (Occupational Therapist): Stony Brook Elementary School, Eddy Elementary School.