Grade Three

  •    Grade Three Projects

    (*Please note vocabulary and terms associated with goals for learning in each lesson)

           Glue and Pastel "Cool Cats"

    * Laurel Burch - commercial artist, line, shape, pattern, properties of materials, analogous colors, and blending pastels.

    Crayon Resist Fall Leaves with 3D Squirrels and Chipmunks

    * Composition - how you organize your thoughts and ideas with line, shape, pattern, color, overlapping, emphasis, direction and point of view. Add a surprise 3D animal to create more interest.

    Cray Pas and Watercolor Illustration inspired by

    TheLegend of the Indian Paintbrush by Tomie dePaola

    * Folk Tale, writing and illustration, drawing, outlining, and painting.

    "Wacky Weaving" with Paper

    * Folding, smooth cutting, line, loom, warp, weft, color and pattern.

    Cray Pas Poinsettias

    * Radial symmetry, tracing, warm vs. cool colors, color blending, and background.

    "Starry Night Collages" inspired by Vincent Van Gogh

    * Vincent Van Gogh, expressionism, complimentary color use, rule of thirds for good composition, background, middle ground, foreground and collage.

    Elliptical Container Designs

    *Drawing ellipses, a circle turned in space. Creating the illusion of a 3D object on a 2D piece of paper with proper shading and highlighting. 

    Warm and Cool Hearts

    * Line, shape, emphasis, warm vs. cool colors.

    "Abstract Cityscapes" with Acrylic Paint and Watercolor

    *Abstract, painting with cardboard and black acrylic, watercolor techniques of sponging, and sprinkling salt into wet areas.

    Paper Bag Bird's Nest with Clay Bird

    * Forming a papier mache nest out of a paper lunch bag, coloring clay and sculpting a bird, babies and eggs out of model magic clay and embellishment with feathers.

    " Interior with Egyptian Curtain" by Matisse

    * Henri Matisse, Fauvism, line, pattern, shape, bold color, unity, harmony and the rule of thirds for good composition. Using a straight edge to divide space, drawing the bowl with an elliptical opening and painting techniques.

    Drawings inspired by Joan Miro

    Stacked Shape and Line Designs

    SEA Project with Mrs. Souder

    "Crazy Cactus"

    Warm and Cool Flower designs