Grade Five

  •   Grade Five Projects

    (*Please note vocabulary and terms associated with goals for learning in each lesson)

    Tessellating Name Designs

    * Precision folding, tracing, flipping, rotating, tessellation, positive/ negative shapes, and color.

    Observational Watercolor Apples

    * Observation, shape, drawing, color mixing neutrals with compliments and  dry brush watercolor techniques.

    Beautiful Watercolor Pencil Birds inspired by John James Audubon

    * John James Audubon, obsession, detail, natural habitat, drawing, and watercolor

    pencil effects.

    Holiday Cards for the Brewster Council on Aging

    * citizenship, community involvement and caring.

    Woven Abstract Watercolor Prints

    * printmaking, organic lines, weaving, warp and weft.

    Elliptical Container Design

    * ellipse, shape, light source, and shading.

    Acrylic and Cray Pas "Banyan Trees"

    * Banyan Tree, rule of thirds, negative space, analogous colors, color blending, and reflection.

    Model Magic Clay Roses on Recycled CD's

    * Sculpture, form, creating acrylic tints and recycle by displaying on old CD's.

    Complimentary Color Studies

    * Complimentary color combinations, limited color scheme and mixing neutrals.

    Earthenware Clay Owls

    * Slab construction, template, scoring, slip, texture, greenware, fire, kiln, bisque ware, glaze and glaze ware.

    8 Pointed Origami Stars

    * Origami, kite fold and radial symmetry.

    Provincetown White Line Prints

    * Local art history, relief printing, plate, closed shapes, registration, print,

    series, and how to sign a print series.

    Optical Illusion Art