Grade Four

  •    Grade Four Projects

    (*Please note vocabulary and terms associated with the goals for learning in each lesson)

    "Surfin" in the USA

    *Graphic design, bilateral symmetry, multi-media and collage.

    Cray Pas and Watercolor Fish inspired by Paul Klee

    *Paul Klee, oil crayon & watercolor resist, mysterious and symbols.

    Negative and Positive Pumpkins

    * Bilateral symmetry, contrast, negative vs. positive shapes.

    Breathtaking Autumn Landscapes with Glue,Pastel and Torn Paper Stencils

    * Properties of materials, drawing with glue, stencil, and blending pastels.

    Watercolor Autumn Landscapes

    *Foreground, middle ground, background, dry brush water color.

    Mexican Tin Art

    *Mexican Culture, folk art, and embossing into metal.

    Exquisite Multi-Media Deciduous Tree Life Cycles

    * Deciduous, life cycle, multi-media, masking out, watercolor techniques of saran wrap crinkle, salt sprinkle, sponging & dry brush, collage and embellish.

    Complimentary Color Studies

    * Complimentary color combinations, folding a grid, open letters, and alternating colors.

    Rainforest Birds

    * Earth Day, Rainforest importance for the atmosphere, biodiversity, line, shape, color, texture, pattern, drawing, painting, and collage with hand-made papers.

    Crazy Quilts inspired by Gustav Klimt

    Scratch Art Moon Journal Covers

    Asian Kimono's with Sumi-e Bamboo Painting

    All Eyes on the Pond

    Scherenschnitte Butterflies and Moths

    Optical Illusion Art

    Warm and Cool Flower Designs