•  Kindergarten Projects
    (Please note vocabulary and terms associated with each lesson)

    Primary Color and Shape Review
    Scallop Shell Prints with Model Magic Clay
    (*copy, impression, ink, print)
    Cray Pas Lions Color Blending
    Paper Apple Collages
    Farms and Barns with Textured Cow Rubbings
    Giant Crayon Resist Autumn Leaves
    Crayon Resist Pumpkins on the Vine Paintings
    Model Magic Pumpkin Life Cycle Dioramas
    Ancient Egyptian Mummies
    Giant Indian Corn Collages
    "Wild Things"
    Earthenware Clay Pinchpots
    Poinsettia Prints
    Gingerbread Houses with Boys and Girls
    Royal Kinders
    Kinder Castles
    Model Magic Snowmen Dioramas
    Chinese Fans
    Chinese Lanterns

    Cave Art
    Sleeping Cat on a Patterned Rug
    Mexican Suns with Streamers
    Snake Day
    Sparkle Space Scratch Art
    Torn Paper Chick Collages
    Giant Spring Crayon Resist Eggs

    Transparent Jellyfish

    Abstract Flower Design

    Cowboy Boot Design

    Discovering Beetles

    Fly Away Dandelions

    Paper Flower Collages

    Model Magic Clay Insects

    "Cool" Oil Crayon and Water Color Resist Flowers

    Wave Sculptures

    Symmetrical Butterflies