First Grade

  •     First Grade Projects

    (*Please note vocabulary and terms associated with each lesson)

    Welcome Hand Collages

    (* contrasting colors, tracing, cutting, gluing, pattern and collage)

    Observational Scallop Shell Drawings

    Great Wave Collages inspired by Hokusai

    Striped and Spotted Birds

    Pumpkin People

    Crayon Resist Concentric Circles inspired by Kandinsky

    Radial Designs

    Abstract Portraits inspired by Paul Klee

    Model Magic Coil Pots

    Poinsettia Prints

    Overlapping Pine Tree Forest Collages

    Bamboo Pandas

    Claude Monet's Garden Paintings

    Medieval Castles

    Draw Me a Star inspired by Eric Carle

    Chinese Lanterns

    Landscape Paintings inspired by Paul Klee

    Tizzled Topped Tufted Mazurkas inspired by Dr. Seuss

    Earthenware Coil Bowls

    Crayon Resist Eggs

    Model Magic Fruits and Vegetables

    Abstract Flower Design

    Life Cycle of a Butterfly

    Crayon Resist Sea Horses

    Model Magic Clay Insects

    "Cool" Oil Crayon and Water Color Resist Flowers

    Wave Sculptures