Nauset Wellness Tips

  • Preparing for Return to School

    The return to school is an exciting time for children and their parents. Parents often request assurance that their children's health care needs will be met while at school. School nurses are key clinical health providers in the school setting and are a vital link in meeting health care needs presented in schools. It is important to maintain ongoing communications with your school nurse regarding health considerations.

    Please contact your school nurse if you need assistance in accessing a primary care provider, a dental care provider or health insurance.

    Each child needs to present to the school nurse documentation of a physical examination prior to first school entry and at fourth, seventh, and eleventh grades. If participating in competitive sports, physical exams are required annually. Physical exams forms can be downloaded from the "Forms" tab.

    Each child must present documentation of lead poisoning screening upon entry to kindergarten.

    Immunizations are a vital communicable disease control mechanism. State regulations require each child to meet grade entry immunization requirements. Specific iimmunization documentation is required for entrance to kindergarten and seventh grade and to enter our district from another district or state. State regulations state that students who are not up to date must be excluded until in compliance unless a documented medical or religious exemption is provided. See state regulations and lists of current documentation that are required. (In General Information)

    When a child requires short-term or long-term medication during the school day, parents are required to contact the school nurse and provide a physician's order, written parental consent, and medication.

    If a child has asthma, allergies, diabetes, seizures, or any other condition requiring special health services in the school and/or is assisted with medical technology, etc., it is vital that the parent meet with the school nurse and develop an Individual Health Care Plan prior to school entry. Physician's orders for care in school will need to be shared with the school nurse.

    Cold Weather Preparedness

    From the Nurse... Cold Weather Thoughts

    As winter approaches, we would like to remind parents to prepare their child for outdoor play. The general rule is that recess is outdoors unless the temperature drops below 20 degrees. Your child will need to wear a hat, gloves/mittens, and warm coat. When there is snow on the ground, your child needs to have boots and a change of footwear to use while indoors. If boots are forgotten, your child will have to stay out of the snow and wet areas of the playground.