iMovie Lesson Grade 3

  • Grade 3:  iMovie Lesson
    I Want to Be a Reporter
    STEP 1:
    Before we begin, make sure your iPad has iMovie loaded.  The icon should look like this:

    STEP 2:
    If you need another copy of My Storyboard as your group is planning the content of your iMovie project, that can be found here:

    Links to some of our RESOURCES can be found in the left hand column of this page.

    STEP 3:
     As you are working on your iMovie project, don't forget to refer to the Multimedia Rubric posted below.  You must include:
    • a clear message about Pleasant Bay
    • video clips of all students in your group
    • at least one photo at the beginning and ending, with titles
    • appropriate sound(audio)

    Here is an example of what your final movie should look like:
    (You will need to get the password from Mrs. Steber)

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