Parents Technology Information

  • Hello Parents
    This page will hopefully help guide you and your child with the technology tools you choose.  I have found one of the most helpful websites to be Common Sense Media. Here is a link that gives Parent and Child reviews of books, movies, video games, apps and more.
    A good place to start is to watch this short video about how to best support your children in their use of digital media.  This link is also from Common Sense Media.  
    The Common Sense Media site also has lots of information about children's safety issues concerning use of the Internet, Cell Phones and Social Media websites.
    Try the Digital Passport Game with your child.
    There are many ways to monitor and control your child's digital time.  Here is a helpful parent info page from Comparitech that even offers step by step instruction on the latest Screen Time app from Apple. 
    There are also kid safe search engines, such as Google Safe Search or Kiddle. Searching through a kid-friendly, filtered site returns much better material with much less chance for materials to be inappropriate. 
    Try this link for some awesome Apps:
    If you are wondering what some of your child's text message abbreviations mean, check out the Digital Dictionary on Common Sense Media.