Private lessons information

  • Here you will find a list of private instructors in the area

    • (See Below)
    • Orleans Academy of Performing Arts

    • Mrs.
    • Mariellen Sears508-367-7052

    • Shawn VerfallieEastham
    • West bend MusicDennisport
    Below please find a list of private teachers in the area.

    Jody Brickman: (Piano)

    Donna Murphy: (piano)  896-1383

    Becket Senchur: (piano) 896-2950

    Chris Morris: (piano) phone number in book

    Elizabeth Browne: (piano) 774-207-0812

    Rosemary Levy (piano) 781-771-2710

    Heather Swanson: (violin) suzuki trained: 508-685-4279

    West Bend Music (violin, fiddle, ukulele) 508-394-8600

    Shawn Verfallie: (violin) suzuki trained: 508-246-9305 or

    Stacey Faris: (flute) 508-896-4545 or

    Monica Woods: (clarinet) lives in Brewster, phone number in directory