Recorder Karate

    Recorder Karate
    The Recorder Karate program begins in Grade 3/4 and continues into 5th grade.
    Students earn "belts" (colored tassels) which hang from the end of their recorders as a reward for their progress and achievement at each level (song learned).
    Practice Students are allowed to bring their recorders home to practice the songs learned in class and are encouraged to progress at their own rate. The amount of time needed will vary on each student's abilities.
    Testing Once a student has learned a song, they will have an opportunity to earn a belt (tassel).
    Testing will occur about every other week in class but times can also be set up outside of class time as well.  
    Students must demonstrate a 3 or 4 on the recorder rubric chart to earn a tassel (see related files below).
    First 3 Belts use notes BAG
    White Belt -  Hot Cross Buns
    Yellow Belt - Merrily We Roll Along
    Orange Belt - Au Claire de La Lune or Gently Sleep                 
    Red Belt  -Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
    Brown Belt - Amazing Grace
    Black Belt - Ode to Joy
    Additional Belts:
      Pink Belt   -Happy Birthday to You:
     Green/Red Belt - Play a holiday song!
                              Jingle Bells
      Blue/White Belt - Play a patriotic song!
                              Star-Spangled Banner
                              America, the Beautiful
    Additional Playalong Tutorials for Recorder can be found at

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