Boys Basketball

  •  Boys Basketball
    Google Classroom code: yfnjak
    Please remember to visit the Athlete Registration page to complete the registration process before tryouts. You will not be allowed to tryout with out all registration paper completed prior to the start of tryouts.
    Pacer Test - The Pacer Test is a multistage aerobic capacity test that progressively gets more difficult as it continues.
    T-Testthe T-Test is a test of agility for athletes, and includes forward, lateral, and backward running.
    Vertical Leap - This test is designed to measure your explosive leg power.
    Jump Shots - Players are scored out of 10 shots.  Player moves around, inside the 3 point arch catching and shooting passes from the base line.  Players are evaluated on number made, shooting technique, and quick catch and release.
    Fouls Shots - Player takes a series of 2 free throws, simulating a foul.  Players are evaluated on number made.  Players get 5 series for a total of 10 free throws
    Game play - Players will play in 3 vs 3 scrimmages, and will be evaluated on offense, defense, dribbling, rebounding, movement without the ball, communication and team play.  Players will be score on a ranking scale of 1-5. Players will also be evaluated on attitude and effort during 3 vs 3 games.
    Effort - Effort is one thing an athlete is in complete control of.  You know what is required to master a skill.  You do the work required.  You work at your skills. You put the time in.  You eat right.  You listen to your coach and teammates. You study the game. The opportunity to be successful in a competition is not limited to the 60 minutes during the game. Players will be score on a ranking scale of 1-5.
    Attitude - Attitude is defined as your “mind-set” in approaching, preparing for, and performing during competition.  A great ATTITUDE requires a constant desire to improve, not just for yourself, but for your teammates.  A positive mental attitude is evident when one experiences a bad break, and they find a way to overcome.  Athletes who have the right attitude know “how” to turn a negative into a positive.  The spirit that can’t be defeated provides inspiration, guidance and leadership amongst your teammatesPlayers will be score on a ranking scale of 1-5.
    Coachability - Means: Rescpect for yourself and others, Listen and learn, Take responsibility, Open minded, Dedication, Aware of your actions, Role model positive behaviors, and Challenge yourself.