My Homework

  • Homework is given to students to aid in their math development. The type and frequency should not require additional instruction beyond the class period. Home work is always reviewed the following class.  Students are required to show their work and be able to explain how they arrived at their answers.

    Nauset Middle School has issued a Homework Planner to all students. All students are asked to record all homework assignments on a daily basis. This planner is designed to assist parents, teachers and students in monitoring the student’s education.  Additionally, all homework assignments are posted daily on X2.

    I also suggest that all students use a “HOMEWORK BUDDY SYSTEM.” Find a classmate that is in your math class and make arrangements so that you may call each other if you have questions about your assignments, if you have been dismissed early, and/or if you have been absent.  Homework will be assigned a minimum of three to four evenings per week in my classes. The average daily time for homework is approximately 10-20 minutes.  

    Students absent for two or more days will be granted the number of days absent to complete assignments when they return. Extra credit will not be given in place of homework.  If a student attended school, homework will not be accepted late and credit will not be awarded. Home is 15% of your student's grade.

    Math extra help is available any morning of the week beginning at 7:30am as long as I do not have a schedule school meeting. Please check with me the day before to see if I am available.