HEALTHY EATING - CHOOSE GOOD HEALTH! - Information packets, resources and tips for eating healthy

  • Eating healthy is a very tricky business for some of us; family traditions, peer pressure, availability of healthy options, the costs of eating fresh, healthy and local foods, the time it takes to make food from scratch vs. the ease of buying processed, prepared foods all conspire to make it overwhelming at times.  The information in these files, along with the recipes we use here, may help you to make those healthy choices more often.   

    I'll add resources and links as I move along with this process to help you with those changes.  For those of you who have no problem eating healthy, please share your tips with us!  Let's work together to show our young people that highly processed, over salted, overly sweet, engineered facsimiles of real food aren't the best or even the tastiest options! 

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