AP Biology

  • Welcome to AP Biology!

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    AP Biology will be a very challenging, yet rewarding course. This class will require time management and organizational skills from everyone. The AP Biology course is equivalent to a college introductory biology course taken by biology majors during their first year. What does this mean? We will be covering, on average, a chapter a week (sometimes more, yes, most likely more) out of a college-level textbook for the entire year. The end result will be a much deeper knowledge of biology and (hopefully) an excellent score on the AP Biology exam. 

    Course Outline

    • Natural Selection
    • Chemistry of Life
    • Cell Structure and Function
    • Cellular Energetics
    • Cellular Communication and Cell Cycle
    • Heredity
    • Gene Expression and Regulation
    • Ecology
    • Descriptive Statistics (throughout the course)


    AP Exam Format

    • 60 Multiple Choice (90 minutes)
    • 6 Free Response Questions: 2 Long, 4 Short (90 minutes)