AP Physics

  • Welcome to AP Physics. There are two subpages below this one. In Homework, you'll know exactly what it is you are supposed to be doing for homework during the school year. The solutions some of the homework, along with a multitude of other resources, like my lecture slides, are located in the Resources section.

    I have attached a list of topics covered so that you have a general view of the course outline.

    In addition to the Cutnell & Johnson (C&J) textbook we'll use in the classroom, we will be using a brand new on-line digital textbook for assigned homework reading assignments and questions/problems. This digital book, College Physics, is freely available in my Resources section as a pdf file and also as a web hyperlink. Since college physics books now cost over $200 each, this approach will save our school district thousands of dollars. A bonus is that the digital textbook will always be up-to-date. (The last revision was only 2 months ago!)

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