Please use the links in the left hand column to access class information.
    Link to Google Classroom - requires your own log in to google.
    Link to Conceptual Physics Textbook with selected chapters in PDF format.  
    Link to State Frameworks - these are the concepts we will be working to understand throughout the year.
    Link to Video lectures  (these may be viewed... they may not be downloaded without permission from Kathleen Tringale)
    • SCREENCAST...  video lectures are maintained through "Screencast" which is password protected. 
    Link to Chapter Worksheets - these can be opened and saved into Notability and completed on your iPad / at times there will be hard copies of these available as well.
    Link to Problem Solving - this involves the mathematics necessary to be successful in physics
    Link to Open Responses:  Throughout the year we will work together on answering these. 

    Link to Resources: Links to other websites and online tutorials

    • The Physics Classroom
    • Significant Figure Practice
    • Free Body Diagram Explanation
    • Gravity Video
    • Physics Tutorials
    • iPad help