Superintendent's Office


    WEATHER ADVISORY – 2019-2020

    Dear Parents / Guardians,

    I want to update you on my plans for school closings or delayed opening of school in the event of severe weather.  When storms are forecast, I will collect information on road conditions from public works and public safety authorities in each of the four Nauset Towns. Should the conditions be determined to be unsafe for bus or private transportation I will make one of two decisions – close school or delay the opening of school.  Decisions will be made as early as possible but no later than 6:00 a.m.

    When schools are closed, all school activities are cancelled for the day.  When schools have a delayed opening, all schools and bus routes will begin two hours later than normal.  Students should be at their assigned bus stops two hours after their normal arrival time.  School will end at the regular time.  Morning (a.m.) preschool will be cancelled but afternoon (p.m.) preschool will run its normal schedule.

    Only on a very rare occasion when a storm occurs or worsens while school is in session, it may be necessary to close schools early.  In these cases, every attempt will be made to minimize the likelihood that children will return home to locked or empty houses. 

    I will utilize the Parent Square automated phone system which will call your home early in the morning to alert you if schools will be closed or if there will be a delayed opening.  This system will also be used if there is ever a need to close schools early.  Please be sure to notify your school if your phone number has changed. 

    In addition, you will find information on school closings on the major TV and radio stations as well as on our web site:

    Finally, I encourage you to make your own individual decision about sending your child to school during inclement weather.


    Thomas M. Conrad, Superintendent